✍️ the future is canine

My dog uses Amazon’s new “drop-in” feature when I’m not home

Suspects Soapy (left) and Molly (right)

On the Echo, nobody knows you’re a dog.

Yesterday afternoon, I enabled Amazon’s “drop-in” feature, allowing my mom to connect to the Echo that sits on our kitchen counter. Unlike a call that I’d have to answer, “drop in” automatically connects the two devices.

She hears what’s going on in my kitchen; we hear her living room. When she dropped in for the first time yesterday, I wasn’t home.


My dog heard her and started barking at the Echo, which caused her dog to bark so loudly that my mom couldn’t turn it off. The dogs barked at each other until she finally unplugged it.

The future is here—and it’s dogs dropping in on dogs.