Have a Samsung phone? We’re coming your way

Quartz is coming to millions of Samsung phones over the next several weeks – and may already be on yours.

Samsung owners on the AT&T network will be able to pop into a conversation with Quartz – right inside the Messages app – to talk about our obsessions, participate in fun projects that stretch your worldview, and catch up on the latest news.

We’re part of Samsung’s rollout of Rich Communications Services, or RCS, which is like text messaging on steroids, with an experience that’s more like Apple’s iMessage or Facebook Messenger. In fact, the Quartz experience on Samsung is very similar to Quartz on Messenger.

The RCS feature is being added to Samsung devices on the AT&T network over the coming months, reaching about 10 million devices in the first wave.

Serving millions of users this way wouldn’t be possible without the fine folks at Dexter, whose platform drives our bots and who wired up a new connection to the Samsung RCS system.

It’s an exciting time for the Quartz Bot Studio. We’ve recently added to our team, we’re building more conversational projects for our journalism, and we’re building exciting narrative experiences for our clients

So take a peek in the “chatbots” tab of the Messages app on your Samsung phone and say hi to Quartz. We’ll see you there soon.