Get a bot and a beer

In addition to chat and voice bots, the Quartz bot studio is exploring how bots might help journalists.

Next week we’re rolling out the first results of that effort — a Slack bot designed to help journalists with their everyday work.

Come install the bot and have a beer, both for free, across the street from the Online News Association conference, courtesy of Quartz, DocumentCloud, and the Knight Foundation:

4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Thursday, October 5, 2017
Open City
2331 Calvert St NW
Washington DC 20008

RSVP here

Initially we’re making the bot available to folks who use Slack at news organizations. If that’s you, come on by.

Even if you don’t have permission to add bots to your Slack team, we’ll still give you a beer — and a pitch you can take back to the person who does!

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